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We want to understand and take into account the views of anyone with a stake in Newesk sustainable community and Edzell Business Base. Please use the form below to submit questions or suggestions on the development to the team.


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A list of the most common queries – and their answers.



Q: Why choose Edzell Air Base as a development site?


Edzell Air Base, a brownfield site, has a long-standing history of business and residential use, as well as its many years of active service as a military site.


The site lies in close proximity to the major ports of Aberdeen, Montrose and Dundee and its nearby connection to the trunk road network makes it an ideal location for a residential and commercial community development.


The area suffered greatly as a result of the closure of the airbase and this development offers significant regeneration potential.


Q: Will 1,000 jobs really be created by the development of Newesk sustainable village?


This figure takes into account the construction jobs and permanent jobs on-site created as a result of the additional business and industrial development.


Q: Where is the suggested £250million investment in Newesk sustainable village and Edzell Business Base coming from?


Carnegie base Services has already invested more than £6 million in the site and will partner with developers and house-builders to invest in the development proposed. The scale of this commercial development and the number of homes involved will total more than £250m over ten to fifteen years.


Q: Will this development not draw business and people away from existing local communities?


The closure of the airbase had a hugely negative impact on local businesses and communities. This development will give a much-needed boost to the local economies with the potential to complement not detract from business in Angus and Aberdeenshire.


The employment catchment area already crosses boundaries, as many people living in Edzell commute to Dundee and Aberdeen among other places. This will continue but we will also be creating local jobs and the opportunity to live and work in the community.


Q: What visual impact will this development have on Edzell and Edzell Woods?


At present, part of the site is unused and contains former military buildings which no longer serve a useful purpose. Our development will significantly enhance the local environment, particularly for the community in Edzell Woods. There will be no visual impact for the residents in Edzell, which is around four miles away.


Q: Does Aberdeen City and Shire need new commercial and residential developments like this?


Yes. There is an acknowledged shortage of business accommodation that is constraining the region’s growth. We believe that Newesk sustainable village will not only address this shortage in South Aberdeenshire, but also in north Angus.


Q: Does the region need housing development on this scale?


Yes. It is recognised that a diverse housing development of this kind – accounting for around one third of the entire project and including all types of houses and affordable homes – reflects the long-term needs of Aberdeen City and Shire as presented in the region’s structure plan. There is currently a shortfall in the region’s established housing land supply, and the Newesk is well placed to address this identified demand for high quality homes.


Our aim is to create a highly attractive, sustainable community with the appropriate density and type of housing that has a true sense of place and community, based on traditional North-east precedents but designed for the 21st century.


Q: Given the economic situation at present, why plan to build 1,000 new houses and a business park?


This is a 10 – 15 year vision. The economy is set to improve in the future and our proposals would help meet future demand in the region for both business land and housing as set out in the structure plan


Q: When will you build all of this?


Following public consultation, we aim to submit a planning application next spring. If that application is successful, we could see the start of construction of the housing element in 2013. As we already have planning permission on the site for 250 homes and for business purposes, this could be earlier.


Q: Can you say what the impact on wildlife will be? Will this be a wildlife-friendly environment?


As a brownfield site which has existing development and was previously used as the airbase, there will be no additional impact on wildlife in fact it will be greatly enhanced by the new development with biodiversity corridors extending into and through the new settlement. We will of course respect all natural habitats in our planning and construction of the site.


Q: Can you describe the transport infrastructure that will service the development?


The existing settlements of Edzell and Edzell Woods are served by the B966 – which connects directly to the A90 Aberdeen to Dundee trunk road – and a well-maintained local road network.


The road network is capable of serving the transport needs of the development in terms of new, development-generated traffic.


As part of our masterplan, we would implement improvements and enhance safety of existing traffic and transport infrastructure.


Q: What community services and facilities will feature in the development?


Newesk sustainable village will include local retail and community facilities and services. An agreed area will be set aside for a new primary school. Of priority for the residents at Edzell Woods, we will be addressing their water and sewage issues through shared services.


Q: What do local residents think of it?


We have been in discussion with several community groups and most seem very positive particularly the residents of Edzell Woods.


A comprehensive community engagement exercise, including two public consultation events, is being carried out to allow local people to shape the masterplan. The masterplan on view today is only indicative and will evolve as we respond to the needs of and ideas from the community.


Q: Can you explain the various organisations involved in the development?


Carnegie Base Services, as owner of the site, has brought together a highly experienced development team. Led by project director, George Massie, it includes Austin Smith Lord LLP as architects and masterplanners, Mott Macdonald as civil engineers, MVA as transport consultant and Archial Planning Consultants.